WIP Deadly Mayhem remake & new vehicle ingame…

Hello There!

Latest news, the team has grown from only 2 members to 8! Which is great!! Especially for you, which means that we will reach the first Alpha release much faster…but we still need help with programming, so if you’re up to it then give us a shout!

Now for some work in progress shots, this time a remake of an old favourite called Deadly Mayhem, a Shoot’n Drive / Last Man Driving gameplay map, also you can se our first UDK RKW vehicle, all driveable and working ingame….


Until next time!

/Juan & The RKW Team

WIP Vehicle…

Hello, here are some work in progress renders of the Sandbug vehicle, that is being implemeted right now into the UDK. Soon to be driveable ingame…

Next plan is to add some turrets and some deadly “surprise” apparatus into it.



The New Roadkill Warriors…

Hello and welcome to Roadkill Warriors, as you can see the site is under construction and there’s no media¬† as of yet! The project RKW has been on ice for a couple of years, we tried to convert/move the old Unreal Tournament 2004 mod version into Crytek’s game Crysis but it turned out to be more of a hussle in bugs and undocumented features that were very hard to figure out… and the more time passed RKW fell into oblivion and all of us in the team moved on with our life’s.

But now since Epic released the Unreal Development Kit a year ago, the idea of making a standalone free of charge game started to re-surface in my head, i’ve been in contact with old friends and pupils that i recall liking the old Roadkill Warriors mod and surprisingly some of them have been very positive into making a new try on the new sexy RKW…and making it the way it was supposed to be!

I will be putting some old footage and media of the old RKW and also will put back the UT2004 mod version for anyone to download and play, but dont forget, this is old!! The new stuff /work in progress renders, concepts, etc etc) will start popping up as soon as we have something to show, so please continue coming back, you wont regret it!

Bye for now!

PS: BTW, if you feel you would like to contribute with your talents dont hesitate to email me at juan@roadkillwarriors.com DS.


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