Old and beloved domain is back!!


Just wanted to share the good news that the old domain is back fully functional!

But the old one “” is also active if you prefer to type in a shorter one…


Sawned Off Shotgun animations

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Just wanted to show how the Sawned Off shotgun‘s reload and melee animations look like. (work in progress)


Hiteffects in place…

Hello everybody!

The work on RKW is still ON, and as proof we have some wip screenshots to show.

Since UDK doesn’t have any real world effects when installed we had to make our own, so while the Sawned Off Shotgun was being implemented and coded i decided to get the HitEffects and Decals for specific inworld surface materials implemented as well. We have now also a simple GIB system (it will be more advanced in the future) that makes it possible for our warriors to kill eachother with style! ;-)


screenshot00022 screenshot00027 screenshot00023
screenshot00020 screenshot00018 screenshot00017

WIP of T Shotgun…

Hello all!

Here’s a wip shots of the almost finished short barreled shotgun!

sawnoff_001 sawnoff_002 sawnoff_003



WIP Screenshot…

Here’s the latest screen of a character making its way into the game.


And the FPSview arms…


/Juan & RKWTeam

New Character in the making…

Hello all!

Long time no updates!

We’re back on track with the development after a nice and looong summer!

More updates and screenshots to be announced but for now here’s one render of a new character in the making.


Until then…

New Adress!!


We’ve run into some problems with our old adress ( and the fastest solution was to get a new domain instead.

So update your bookmarks to this new adress:


Looking for Coders and Concept Artist


We’re looking for talented souls to help us speed up our current development of Roadkill Warriors!

The job ads has been published at website, hence the links.

Unrealscript Programmers

Concept Artist

If you have the skills and find RKW interesting then please send CV and info about yourself to

Best regards,

Juan & The RKWTeam

Custom Character ingame…

Heey, Just wanted to show 2 screenshots of an old favourite RKW character that made it back into the new UDK version, of course the character will be updated to better looks, anyway here it is!

screenshot00022 screenshot00021


WIP Weapon Model…

Hello there!

One of our members Tias is on the verge of finishing one of the weapons that will be included in the first public Alpha.

This will be a old western classic with a twist, a Winchester with a Shotgun “addon” sticked to it, all mechanically working and truthfull ;-)

Here are some renders of the beauty;

/Juan & RKW Team

Random Image

screenshot00016 final_mustang_01 bloodhunter_07 sandbugaction021
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