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Before you start reading about RKW

The ‘about RKW‘ page should be treated as a “work in progress” game description .Developing a complete game from scratch IS a real time consuming task not to mention doing it on your free sparetime. Some features mentioned here will change and/or be replaced during the development.

The Storyline

The year is 2024, the human race has once again become a victim of a world war. This time almost all perished in the nuclear blasts. Only those who seeked shelter survived to face the wastelands of their future.

In the beginning there were small tribes learning the harsh art of survival, then the few became many…And the hatred grew stronger against those who wanted to rebuild what was lost.

The tribe was divided in two, those full of faith and belief in the Lord Almighty and those who felt abandoned and betrayed.

And so the battles for survival began…

The Game

RoadKill Warriors (RKW) is being developed on Epic Game’s Unreal 3 engine.

RKW mixes firstperson & vehicular combat aswell with semi-realistic gameplay in a post apocalyptic world. Our goal is to give the player a sense of realism but without removing the arcade style gameplay.

RKW is influenced and inspired by well known MAD MAX movies and games like Interstate ’76 and Carmaggeddon series plus many more.

The RKW World

The environments will be a variation of desert wastelands and deserted cities. The maps will be medium to big in size and often with long straight roads passing through. Daytime & nightime scenarios. Outer parts of the environments will often be contaminated and lethal for any player to be in, to keep track of the contamination level every player will have a geiger meter, so running longer time in contaminated areas will kill the player.

There will also be sewer systems filled with contaminated waters.

Some buildings will have stairs and ladders for the player to use.

There will be mutated animals lurking in dark areas that will get aggressive if a player is being too close. (in other words camping too long will be dangerous). One will be occasionally meet civilians walking around. If killed they might spawn items such as health, but if there are other civilians around they will try to avenge their friends death.


The combat is between two tribes. The Bloodhunters and The Survivors (the names may change in the future). Each map will have objectives set by the leveldesigner, the objectives will be reflected in the maps name ex: RKW-AfterTheBlast-TDM.

Most maps will follow objectives such as:

Shoot’n Drive – SND

  • Basic deathmatch between the two teams, server controlled point system (amount is configurable on server before starting a match).
  • Maps are built to acommodate the strategies of TDM.
  • Respawn after death.

Last Man Driving – LDM

  • Destruction Derby based gameplay. Where your mission is to crush & kill all others to win the match.
  • Every player spawns in near vicinity of a vehicle.
  • Maps are built in a typical arena layout or deserted race tracks (example: The Bowl, Collisseum).
  • Players do not respawn after death.

The Escape – ESC

  • Both teams have the same objective.
  • First objective is to locate the truck or any other “special” vehicle (set by the leveldesigner).
  • Second objective is to drive the vehicle to a specific escape location point (the players will have a specific arrow aiding in where the vehicle is situated and later when driving the vehicle where the escape point is.
  • The team that succeeds in driving the truck to the specified escape location wins the game.
  • Maps will contain one fort and long roads. The Bloodhunters spawn points will often be scattered around the survivor base and vehicles close by.
  • Players respawn after death.

The Warriors

The RKW Warriors will consist of a blended type of warriors. Some will be faster and weaker in health and some will be slower but stronger in health.

The player will be able to choose between several characters before a match. More features are planned but not listed here as of yet…

The Weapons

RKW weapons will be organized in different categories. The player will be able to use items on the weapons, ex;

Item: duct tape + 2 sawnoff shotguns will make a 4 barrelled weapon.

  • Close com bat
  • Guns
  • Semi/Auto Weapo ns
  • Single Shot Wea pons
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Items
  • Map Only Weapons

The player will have the freedom to choose any weapon & item of their liking. The only restriction will be in how many weapons one player will be able to carry at the same time. One can always throw a weapon to be able to pick up another ingame. Xtra ammunition will function as pickups ingame and be scattered around the environments and always available (respawning) Map Only Weapons will be very restricted in ammunition and non-selectable in the character/weapon selection menu. Only available once per gamematch in the map.

All weapons will have a melee altfire and will be throwable to inflict pain. Here’s an example what a player may carry while ingame;

1 Close Combat

2 Guns

1 Rifle / Semi/Auto / Heavy or 1 Map Only Weapon

6 Items

Here is a weapon list of each category.

Close Combat

  • Bowie Knife
  • Axe
  • Spikebat
  • Machete
  • Combat Spear
  • Sledgehammer
  • Throwable Sharp Edged Boomerang
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • DynamiteBags with remote detonator


  • Pistol, alternatively scoped
  • Revolver, Double Revolvers
  • Arm Mounted Crossbow
  • Sawnoff Shotgun, Double Shotguns

Semi /Auto Weapons

  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Machineguns

Single Shot Weapons

  • Crossbow, Crossbow with Scope
  • Light Harpoon
  • Longbow (burning Arrows or explosive tip arrow)
  • Rifle with scope (semi sniper)

Heavy Weapons

  • Flamethrower
  • Heavy Harpoon, altfire grappling hook
  • Bazooka
  • Item Launcher (Potato launcher?)


(Some items may function as weapons too)

  • Repair Item
  • Fuel Canister (Pour Fuel on ground and set on fire & Throwale (Explosive while in air))
  • Foodcan (medikit)
  • Binocular / Monocular
  • Flashlight
  • Duct tape
  • Water Canister
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Miscellaneous items that can be picked upand used as weapons (stones, wooden planks, metal bars etc etc)

Xtra Ammunition

  • Guns pack
  • Shotgun shells pack
  • Rifle Pack
  • Arrows pack
  • Special Arrows pack

Map Only Weapons

(these weapons will have a random spawn location within RKW maps and will consist of all sorts of weapons). Ex:

  • Machineguns
  • Longrange Snipers
  • On site Turrets
  • Grenades

The Machines

The vehicles in RKW are a mixture of different types of machines, ranging from sandbuggies, musclecars, motorcycles, trucks, busses to gyrocopters and trains.

Each vehicles will differ in handling, arsenal and special functions.

  • Rear turrets
  • Roof turrets
  • Rocket launchers
  • Grenade throwers
  • Multi crossbows
  • Machineguns
  • Nitros
  • Self destruction
  • remote selfdestruction

…and many more

The RKW vehicles have a fuel system and a repair system. So using the “right” item will be helpful ingame (Wrench and Fuelcan).

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