Here you will find downloadable content and the actual game Roadkill Warriors.

Unreal Tournament 2004 MOD version

The story about RKW UT2004.

The idea for the modversion started back in 2002, we were a bunch of guys working as gamedevelopers and even though most of the times making graphics for games is a blast it has its downers too, so we decided that in order to gain complete creative freedom, we would make our own game, just for fun!

And thats how the story of RKW started, someone mentioned Mad Max and suddenly we had a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve, the core team was established but as time went by most of the original members dropped off and new ones joined, so at the end we were approximately 15-16 members working hard on RKW, unfortunately like most mods we suffered from the lack of dedicated coders… But we managed to get a couple of releases and some attention within the mod community. Features that never got resolved were botsupport, gyrocopter “physics”, some weapon projectiles issues etc etc…

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Requirements: UT2004 and ECE Bonus Pack (UT2004 Mega Pack, including both the ECE bonus pack and the latest patch, version 3369.)

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